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Soru sor
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"The student claims that she does not have a home mailing address where you can send her visa documents. Can you send her documents to the DHL office in Tripoli, Libya?"

Ursula Boess, DILIT IH - Rome okul personeli
In this case, the best would be if she organized the pick-up with the DHL in Tripoli herself. She can pay the expenses and ask the DHL to pick up the documents at our address when we tell you that they are ready. Before sending the originals, we will send a scanned copy by email. I believe this is the safer solution. Please note that we need to have received the full payment to be able to send visa documents. The Embassy requests a certificate on which we state that the full fees have been paid.
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"Unfortunately, the student find it very expensive to live in Salerno. So, she will only be able to study 2 times per week for the year. This, as far as I know, is not enough for obtaining a long-stay visa, correct?"

Dyan Test, !in Amerika öğrenci
Rosa Maria Riccelli, Accademia Leonardo okul personeli
You are right, it is not enough to have Visa.
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"This student will need a visa, but is staying for a long time period. Is there any way you can make an exception for the payment so she can pay maybe one month or two upfront and then pay the rest in installments so that you can send out her visa supporting documents on time?"

Dyan Test, !in Amerika öğrenci
Carlo Lipparini, Istituto Il David okul personeli
Since this student want to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, she need to obtain the study visa from the Italian embassy of her country. For the Italian law (not for us), the students that need to obtain the visa, they have to pay the whole amount of the course, otherwise the Italian embassy will not give them the visa.
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"What should the student do to apply for student visa?"

Ursula Boess, DILIT IH - Rome okul personeli
If the student needs to apply for a visa, he should contact the Italian Embassy to get a precise information on what is requested. Usually we sent a certificate of enrolment once we have received the full payment of the course.
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